Our Mission & Vision

It Starts With a Great Community

At Douglas Developments, we take a family and community-centered approach to real estate development. Three decades of project management, home building and land development has given us the experience and vision to create communities that are safe, accessible, and unique.

Alongside our skilled Douglas Developments team, we partner with reputable planners, engineers, builders and vendors across the province to ensure quality design and construction; creating exceptional communities that are aligned with our mission and values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create sustainable, inclusive communities with thoughtful design that active families at any stage of life can call home.


Meet Our Founder, Doug Musak

Douglas Developments was founded by award-winning Master Builder and Civil Engineer, Doug Musak, in 1993. Doug’s passion for residential construction and vision for creating innovative, well-structured homes led to the success of his residential construction business, Douglas Homes, which began as a single self-build project in 1989. After working closely with developers on numerous projects throughout his career, founding Douglas Developments was a natural progression. With an exceptional team of employees and trade partners by his side, Doug’s deep-rooted experience and knowledge in the home building industry has translated into well-designed, thoughtful and unique development projects providing communities and homes for every type of buyer.

Doug Musak - President

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

At Douglas Developments, we are more than just developers. We too, are members of the thriving Chestermere community and have a deeply-embedded responsibility to protect our environment and the people who live there.

Each project begins with careful consideration of existing site conditions including topography, vegetation, wetlands, soil and groundwater to design outdoor living spaces that promote long term stability, preservation and growth in the immediate area. This analysis is essential when designing outdoor walking trails, parks, gardens, and/or water feature designs.

We are active participants in the community and demonstrate our commitment through donations, volunteering and support for charities in Chestermere and the surrounding area. Beyond this, we are committed to creating communities where people of all cultures and diverse backgrounds can thrive and feel welcome.