Our Values

Our Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles

Our Values

At Douglas Developments, our values are foundational to our culture and the way we do business to carry out our mission.

Integrity – It’s our PROMISE.

Honesty, trust and respect are non-negotiables in our business. Each community is designed and built on these principles and are an essential requirement for any partnership we undertake. This translates to design and construction you can trust, and communities you can feel good about.

Connection – It’s our WHY.

We are committed to creating spaces where families and businesses from diverse backgrounds can connect with each other to nurture and build relationships that translate into thriving, inclusive, communities.

Innovation – It’s our CULTURE.

Our team is passionate about the communities we create, and passion, breeds innovation. We hold ourselves accountable to consistently raise the bar through innovative design, engineering, materials and technology to create world class communities that we, our clients and our partners, are proud of now and in the future.

“Doug has always been great to work with. His honesty, integrity, and loyalty stand proud and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of a great and organized development team.”

Hesham Hammoud, Green Cedar Homes