Building Strong Communities in Southern Alberta

The team at Douglas Developments is committed to creating sustainable, inclusive communities that promote active lifestyles and that any generation could call home. Every community that we are involved in is somewhere that our team members would gladly call home.

At Douglas Developments we are passionate about innovation. We are constantly researching new bylaws, new technologies, new design ideas and new engineering to ensure each community, as well as each phase within a community, is at the forefront of what is available in the land development industry. If new lot types are introduced by municipalities, which in turn can offer different products to future homeowners, we spend the time working with designers and engineers to ensure we can include these in the upcoming phases and communities. If new technologies are introduced that might ultimately save a future homeowner in utility costs or might increase the efficiency of the construction process for home builders, we include these in the most current community releases.

The Douglas Developments team understands how important connection is to residents of our communities. In addition to ensuring our communities have every amenity a resident could want, we ensure these amenities are accessible to all corners of the community. Interconnected parks and pathways are a must to connect the public gathering spaces within the communities, and proximity to amenities outside of the communities ensures our future homeowners will not have to go far for anything they need.

Douglas Developments promises to be honest, loyal and respectful. This promise extends not only to the engineering and planning teams that we work with, but also to our team of builders, and as an extension, to our homeowners that will be moving into our communities. We want to offer designs that you can trust, and communities that you can feel good about. We promise that every person on our team respects the community that we are creating for future homeowners.

“I’ve known Doug for the better part of 20 years working both directly and indirectly with Doug on his projects. We are currently the contractor of choice to install the deep utilities on his current Waterford project in Chestermere. All conversations leading up to the commencement of construction have been direct with Doug himself to expedite the schedule. We look forward to many years of continued business dealings with Doug on this project as well as future projects.”

– Matt Haasen, Blue-Con Excavating Ltd.